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How to fix cartridge not recognised messages

How to fix cartridge not recognised messages

To put you off using compatible inks Epson, Canon & Brother commonly get a “Not Recognised Error”. Follow this troubleshooting guide to find what's causing the error, and getting you back up printing without the hassle.

A: Check The Three quick checks

There are three quick checks that account for nearly all 'Not Recognised' errors. They may seem trivial but check them just in case:

  1. Are you using the correct cartridges for your printerThe wrong ink will return an error. Check the cartridge numbers ignoring prefix letters/numbers as these are used by compatible manufacturers to get round copyright etc.,
  2. Is the cartridge in the correct colour slotIf not it will say, “Not recognised”.
  3. If you have been using the cartridge for a whileMost empty compatibles say “Not recognised”' when they are empty.

Even if you're 100% each of these points is correct, double-check them. It’s easy to make a mistake.

B: Check Which Cartridge Has The Issue

If your printer is only reporting one cartridge having the error, skip to the fix C-section below: Clean the cartridge chip below

If you've replaced more than one cartridge and are seeing errors across the whole set (even ones that were working previously) then it is often just a fault with a single cartridge that is registering across every cartridge.

Find out and fix the necessary cartridge by:

1: Remove all of the new cartridges you had installed and re-install the old (empty) cartridges that worked.

2: Restart the printer; this should remove the not recognised error and may tell you some are empty.

3: Install one of the new cartridges and Keep installing the new cartridges one-by-one until the error returns. When this happens this is the cartridge to troubleshoot further.

C: Clean The Contact Chip

Look at the copper banding on each of the cartridges. This is their contact chip and what communicates with the printer. Give each of them a gentle wipe with a pencil eraser to ensure they are clean and dust free.

Reinstall each cartridge back into your printer and restart the printer, this will often clear the error.

D: Do A Hard Reset

This may come as a surprise printer errors can be "remembered" by some printers.

Once you've cleaned the chip and reinstalled the cartridge turn the printer off at the plug and wait 30 seconds then turn it back on. Often you'll find the error has been cleared and you're able to print.

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