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Canon 540XL/541XL Black & Colour Canon Refill Kit

Canon 540XL/541XL Black & Colour Canon Refill Kit


Complete Kit for Canon 540XL/541XL Ink Cartridges

Our Kits contain the following:

30ml each Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow ink 

1 x Black & Colour Premium Snap & Vac Tool that will prime the cartridge and at the same time clean out the nozzles. Professional method for refilling Canon cartridges.

Syringes, Gloves & Slideshow Video Format Refill Instructions

Canon original OEM ink cartridge prices have increased dramatically over the last few years. Many printer users have been looking at cheaper alternatives to buying expensive replacement ink cartridges. 

Fortunately Ink Shop have the answer with their New Professional Canon Refill Kits. For just £11.99 you can refill your black and colour cartridges many times.

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