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HP Black 21XL Refilled Ink Cartridge


HP 21XL Black Refilled Ink Cartridge

HP Deskjet 3920, 3940, D1360, D1460, D1470, D1560, D2330, D2360, D2430, D2460, F2180, F2187, F2224, F2280, F2290, F325, F335, F370, F375, F380, F390, F4140, F4172, F4180, F4188, F4190

HP Fax 3180  HP Officejet 4315, J3608, J3625, J3635, J3640, J3650, J3680 HP PSC 1402, 1410, 1415, 1417

These xl cartridges have been remanufactured and are a great way of saving a lot of money over the original HP cartridges whilst enjoying the same excellent quality printing.